Welcome to Preferred Health Solutions! We offer Fertility Treatment Acupuncture!

Here at Preferred Health Solutions it is an honor and a pleasure to provide you with a unique blend of "preferred" holistic healing approaches including: Acupuncture (including Fertility Acupuncture), Chinese Herbal Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Food Therapy Education, Health Coaching, Medical Massage Therapy, Personal Healing Sessions, The Art of Living Well Classes and Mindful Centering.

Each approach provides you with an opportunity to partner with a practitioner, so you too can heal, become healthy, and master the Art of Living Well.

What does it mean to Live Well?

To Live Well means to journey through life with ease, comfort and grace. To feel vital, fit and energized regardless of what life presents; to create a life that brings you feelings of joy and contentment.

What does it mean to be Healthy?

Healthy is a state of being where one experiences a deep content feeling of balance and wholeness within the body, mind and spirit; while ultimately free of physical disease, emotional discomfort, illness, injury or pain.

How can I become Healthy and Live Well?

Preferred Health Solutions provides various healing approaches specifically designed to support you in your journey to health. We work with you from where you are and guide you on a journey of healing and living. Read more.